Registered Massage Therapy in Daylesford

Daylesford Traditional Chinese Massage is handled by Registered and Qualified Remedial Massage Practitioners that gives the highest quality of health care for all customers to bring back their range of motion, and living smoothly with pain free in daily routine.
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Why are our Massage therapists the Best in Daylesford?

DTCM is a leading massage clinic in Daylesford and surrounding areas. We’re thrilled to announce that our Clinic has received a 4.9 /5 rating out of over 480+ Google reviews and over 150 TripAdvisor positive feedback. Our qualified and professional therapists customise to clients’ individual needs. We’re proud to offer high standards massage treatments. We provide exceptional services and strive to maximize the customer’s overall health in both mind, body and soul.
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Récompenses VIP et de fidélité Lucky31

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